A soundbank for Pigments (mostly) inspired by ’80s and ’90s digital synthesis

Diffusion contains 61 patches for Arturia Pigments celebrating the synthesizer sounds of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when a new breed of digital synthesizers – alongside their analog counterparts – expanded the sonic territory for musicians.

For this soundbank I have taken inspiration from the era’s film and TV scores, video game soundtracks and popular music, putting a modern spin on their iconic tones. Touchstones include the music of Jan Hammer, Angelo Badalamenti, Mitch Murder, Koji Kondo, Yasunori Mitsuda and Paul Hardcastle.

Inside you will find punchy basses, crystalline bells, smooth electric pianos, glassy pads, pristine leads, cinematic strings and more. All patches have parameters mapped to Mod Wheel and macros, and NKS patches are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

Diffusion is suited to synthwave, vaporwave, synth pop, ambient, video game soundtracks, or any musical project that needs a retro digital flavour.

Soundbank contents

  • 11 bass patches
  • 8 bell patches
  • 3 brass patches
  • 9 key patches
  • 9 lead patches
  • 13 pad patches
  • 1 percussion patch
  • 2 sound effect patches
  • 4 string patches
  • 1 general synth patches
  • All patches in Native Instruments NKS format
  • PDF User Guide


Arturia Pigments 4 or higher is required to open this soundset.

Patch demo

This video showcases all patches from the soundset

Demo tracks

Demos by Plastic Horizon, M. J. Sinay and Paul Darbot. All sounds are from Diffusion with the exception of percussion. Paul Darbot’s track also demonstrates the OSL Multi Chorus effect.