A chord and stab soundset for u-he Diva

Dischordant is a playful collection of chord patches perfect for old school rave, Detroit techno, deep house or any style of music that features synth stabs and parallel chords. Each patch has its oscillators or voices tuned to fixed intervals, allowing chords to be played with a single keypress. Inside you’ll find deep dub chords, electric pianos and organs, vintage strings, buttery pads, and more rave stabs than you can shake a glow stick at.

The soundset includes 43 unique chord patches and 46 alternative tunings, for a total of 89 patches. Also included are 11 pre-tuned chord templates that you can use as a starting point for your own sounds. All of the patches have parameters mapped to modwheel or other modulation sources, and NKS presets are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

Soundbank contents

  • 9 key patches
  • 9 pad patches
  • 21 stab patches
  • 4 string patches
  • 46 alternative chord tunings
  • 11 pre-tuned chord templates
  • All patches in Native Instruments NKS format
  • PDF User Guide


u-he Diva is required to open this soundset.

Patch demo

This video showcases all patches from the soundset