Neon Circuits 2


A synthwave soundset for u-he Diva

Neon Circuits 2 is the follow up to one of our most popular soundsets, and features 131 neon-soaked patches perfect for synthwave, cinematic space synth, synth pop, or any style of music that requires a vintage ‘80s flavour.

For this set we have taken a deep dive into the nostalgic analog sounds of ‘80s synth pop, film scores and TV themes, as well as drawing inspiration from contemporary producers like Com Truise, Johnny Jewel and Le Matos.

Inside you will discover punchy synth basses, cosmic pads and sweeps, powerful leads, delicate bells, rich brasses, smooth poly synths, emotive strings, sci-fi inspired sound effects and more. Most of the patches have parameters mapped to modwheel or aftertouch, and NKS patches are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

Soundbank contents

  • 4 arp patches
  • 29 bass patches
  • 9 bell patches
  • 8 brass patches
  • 9 key patches
  • 17 lead patches
  • 11 pad patches
  • 8 pluck patches
  • 15 polysynth patches
  • 6 sound effect patches
  • 7 string patches
  • 8 general synth patches
  • All patches in Native Instruments NKS format
  • PDF User Guide


u-he Diva is required to open this soundset.

Patch demo

This video showcases 130 patches from the soundset

Demo tracks

Demos by ROM88, Hurricane, Plastic Horizon, and TORLEY. All sounds are from Neon Circuits 2 with the exception of percussion.