A soundbank for Pigments inspired by ’80s synth soundtracks

Photon contains 121 patches for Arturia Pigments that evoke the synthesizer scores of 1980s action, sci-fi and horror movies. These sounds are ideal for scoring synth-heavy films – real or imagined – but are equally suited to genres such as Synthwave that draw on the VHS aesthetic of the era.

For this bank we took inspiration from composers such as Harold Faltermeyer, Paul Hertzog, Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter, whose scores left an indelible mark on the 1980s, as well as contemporary producers who have followed in their footsteps, such as Steve Moore, Voyag3r and Le Matos.

Inside you will discover growling basses, dynamic brasses, drifting analog keys, crisp electric pianos, powerful leads, vintage strings, cinematic pads and sweeps, and more. All patches have parameters mapped to Mod Wheel and macros, and NKS patches are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

Soundbank contents

  • 19 bass patches
  • 10 bell patches
  • 9 brass patches
  • 19 key patches
  • 16 lead patches
  • 16 pad patches
  • 8 pluck patches
  • 4 sequencer patches
  • 6 sound effect patches
  • 7 string patches
  • 7 general synth patches
  • All patches in Native Instruments NKS format
  • PDF User Guide


Arturia Pigments 4 or higher is required to open this soundset.

Patch demo

This video showcases 80 patches from the soundset

Demo tracks

Demos by Monochrome Echo, TORLEY and Plastic Horizon. All sounds are from Photon with the exception of percussion.